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Architectural IDEA-DESIGN has accomplished a lot of exciting projects, gaining recognition in Ukraine and abroad. The conceptual approach of the studio is in creating a stylish, high-quality and sleek design, characterized by a high degree of comfort, as well as paying attention to detail.

The practical elaboration of 15 years of creative activity includes creating projects of cottages, villas, apartments, flats, restaurants, offices and showrooms. We create a harmonious and unique style for people who follow the trends and want them to be reflected in their interior.

Preeminence of the IDEA-DESIGN studio is:

• Well-established and accumulated knowledge, successful experience in working with foreign interiors.

• The understanding of the intricacies of the western market, the differences in mentality, as well as the nuances of working with local contractors and craftsmen.

• Awareness of the world's latest trends and our designer’s knowledge of several European languages, making the implementation of the design project in any European country truly fascinating thing. Villas and apartments in Europe are usually sold already decorated, but its design rarely fits your needs perfectly well. We help you in creating the interior client's dream, taking into consideration every detail of the house to emphasize the individuality and status.

Our team takes care of all - from the concept to implementation. We believe in the tradition and follow the latest trends in the same time. In our projects we blend together artistic ideas and functional solutions. Our main task is to help the client to represent its values ​​and personality through design.

At the present time the studio is working on the reconstruction of the hotel complex in Austria, apartments in Barcelona (Spain), apartments in Haifa (Israel); the reconstruction of the restaurant on the promenade in Haifa (Israel). Also, our team is collaborating with one of the leading construction companies in Spain.

For each client, we use an individual approach, combining bold design ideas with the modern technology. Together we are developing the concept, attracting high-quality specialized professionals and supervise the project at all stages until the end of the work.

List of services:

• concept elaboration

•preliminary design

• visualization

• design project

• engineering designing

• constructive designing

• author's supervision

If you are the happy owner of the newest property abroad, the following barriers can stand on the way to the house of your dreams:

• The possible language barrier;

• Difference of mentality, cultures and traditions;

• Radically new approach and price of local professionals;

• Lack of guidance and customary discounts;

• The retail price of furniture and materials, oddly enough, is higher in Europe than in the Ukraine, due to many factors;

• Difficulty in selection of materials and furniture and impossibility to find it all in one place;

• The need to rent a house while repairs are taking place;

• The need in independent market study.

Collaborating with us, you get:

• Individual approach;

• Communication on your language, while being abroad;

• Our designers are fluent in several foreign languages;

• Understanding of the culture and traditions of the new country, which is new for you;

• Knowledge of the latest design trends;

• Designer’s frequent visits of the site for the control;

• Selection of plumbing materials, furniture in Kiev salon, but with logistics "factory-object" deal at prices below retail ones; • Additional discounts;

• Ukrainian price for design-project;

• Recommendations of various professionals, such as foreman in other countries;

• Recommendations of direct purchase of foreign real estate that helps you to deal directly with the salesmen without negotiators help.