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For each client, we take an individual approach, combining bold design ideas with modern technology. Together we are developing the concept, attracting high-quality specialized professionals and supervising the construction at all stages until work is done.

Project stages

Preliminary proposals

Deadline for proposal for interior design solution takes from 10 up to 30 days. After designation of the style and planning lay-out of your apartment (2-3 alternative versions of redevelopment and placement of furniture and equipment), the designer prepares several types of interior visualization in 3-D image.

Development of design project premises

After discussion, we determine the final version of the design idea - it is the "basis" for the following development of a design project. Basic layouts of design project:

  • Plan of walls to be demolished;
  • Plan of walls/partitions to be erected;
  • Furniture plan;
  • Plumbing plan;
  • Floor plan;
  • Plan of the underfloor heating;
  • Ceiling plan;
  • Lighting plan;
  • Lighting control plan;
  • Plan of location of power outlets;
  • Low voltage network layout plan;
  • Walls layout;
  • Tiles layout;
  • Finishing materials layout;

Terms of implementation of the design project can range from three weeks to two months, depending on the complexity of the interior and pace, at which the customer makes resolutions!

Selection of finishing materials

Selection of finishing materials is implemented by designer in the process of preparation of project design and during the finishing work. We offer approved contractors and material suppliers. The customer receives a list of firms and suppliers, attending or contacting them at their own or with our designer, selecting the best quality, price and delivery times, as well as in style and design solutions.

Budgeting the finishing works

The estimate is drawn up after the development of a design project, and identifying the main types of work. The customer receives a detailed estimate, fully corresponding with the design decisions that were incorporated in the draft. Estimates are compiled by repair work specialist.


Decorating is an important stage in the creation of the interior of which depends on the overall result. The style and adequate perception of colors can be created only with the help of skillful decoration. This is the finishing touch, on which depends the whole appearance. This includes the selection of textiles, furniture, mirrors, vases, various elements of the decor, carpets, glassware, paintings and so on.

Author's supervision

The lack of the author's supervision makes it technically impossible to realize design project the way it was conceived. Author of the project oversees the progress of the works and their compliance with the project design, as well as making adjustments (as practice shows, they always are).

Supervision includes:

  • Attendance of the object by designer (the maximum is four visits per month);
  • Making adjustments to the working drawings emerged after the dismantling of old and construction of new walls, floors, after leveling of walls and ceilings;
  • Consultation and monitoring of the implementation of the project;
  • Coordination of the issues with the masters and contractors;
  • Ordering of finishing materials due to market price analysis;
  • Coordination of accounts for materials and equipment with the client;

Price field supervision starts from 20%, and it can be a one-time payment by arrangement (price varies, depending on the timing and duration of the reconstruction).

Prices for the design project vary depending on the complexity and size of the object.


Visit of an object by designer

Objects I category of complexity:

Design project of standard office spaces that do not require complex planning and stylistic solutions, and large sites (1500 m2).

Objects II category of complexity:

Design project of cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, beauty salons, corporate offices, banking halls and other representation, public and administrative premises.

Objects II category of complexity:

Design project of private apartments, cottages, suites include:

  • Computer visualization of the main functional areas
  • Set of the working layout drawings
  • Summary of finishing materials
  • Author's supervision

Design project of the interiors with a complex spatial organization and style, rich in architectural and decorative details (sculptural elements, the architecture of small forms, moldings,
stained glass, wrought, decoration, etc.) that requires an individual study of exclusive mansions, etc.